Eventfuel in Enterprise

Learn how the Fortune 500 trust Eventfuel to be their events platform.

Product Security

High grade, end-to-end data and communication encryption.

All transmitted data from our website, our applications and any 3rd party providers is encrypted using transport layer security (TLS). All attendee information and personally identifiable information is encrypted in transfer and at rest.

Security best practises

Our customer success team is trained to take all reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to make sure data is not lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. We also routinely encourage users on the platform to employ best practises such as using 2-factor authentication.

Data Privacy

GDPR Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation will be in effect from May 25, 2018. Eventfuel is fully compliant, with measures such as in-app terms and condition acceptance for attendees, "right to be forgotten" and data portability forms; and built-in data compliance rules and internal data handling process guidelines.

Data storage and processing

All personal data of EU citizens is stored and processed using systems hosted in the EU or in systems that are Privacy Shield certified.

Infrastructure & Deployment

Hosted on custom infrastructure

Our system is hosted on custom infrastructure. Every server is rigorously secured by our team and we do regular penetration testing with third party white hat security companies to make sure that your data is secure.

Customer data center deployment

Balance data security concerns. Eventfuel can be custom deployed to customer server infrastructure, with managed deployments and on demand product updates.

Reporting and Analytics

Combined event reporting

High volume event programs can take a giant leap forward with combined event reporting. Central teams are able to measure feedback and effectiveness of their program by combining feedback from multiple events across a region in a single report. 

Live powerful analytics

Eventfuel provides event managers and on-site staff with live analytics and powerful post event tools. 

Team Management

Role Based Access

Each organization can have multiple users managing events. Not only can certain users have admin status, but can also be split in different user groups, each with its own set of events, attendee data access and templates. This enables centralised and scalable event program mangement acrross a region.

On-site staff restrictions

Eventfuel Pilot, the on-site event staff app for managing check-in, engagement and live results, offers role based access to functionality. This means for example, that check-in staff will never be able to access survey result data nor any other sensitive business information.

"Eventfuel has been enterprise focused since the beginning. We not only work towards creating great experiences for every event stakeholder, but also for the compliance, security, risk management teams within each of our customers." 

Niko Roberts - Eventfuel CEO



Eventfuel integrates with your companies workflows. We provide an API so any internal tools can be integrated directly or we can automate workflows using email processing.

SLA and Support

Software License Agreement

Vendor Compliance & Purchase Order based invoicing

World-class Support

With offices in Europe and Australia, we provide extensive support hour coverage, 99% uptime, and offer guaranteed incident reply times. Our support team is also available for on-site event support worldwide, content management, and product/process consultancy.

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